Warfare - Motion Loops Pack

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WARFARE Motion Loops Pack

All the looping animations you need for 3D weapons, 3D vehicles, Radars, Exploded devices, World maps, Scope reticles, Binoculars, and more.


  • 4K and FullHD MP4 Videos
  • Bink Videos
  • Unreal Bink Materials
  • Unreal Sprite Sheet Materials
  • 4K and 8K Sprite Sheet
  • 4K and FullHD Masks for cut-out assets

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Seamlessly looped animated elements, perfectly crafted to mix and blend.
Each Motion Loop is original, exclusive, and formatted to drag and drop in your movie or game.

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Warfare - Motion Loops Pack | 77 assets

Video Formats
MP4 and Bink
Video Resolutions
FullHD and 4K
Unreal Materials
FullHD Bink, 4K and 8K Sprite Sheet
Other Formats
4K and 8K PNG Sprite Sheet
Masks and Thumbnails

Warfare - Motion Loops Pack

0 ratings
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